James Keiller Dundee Dry Gin

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James Keiller Dundee Dry Gin

The story of Dundee Dry Gin began in 1995 with James Keiller Estates at the heart of the project. On the lookout for an innovative commodity that combined the already established legacy of the James Keiller Estates brand with the rich industrial history of Dundee; we seized the opportunity to tap into an ever-growing and global gin market.

2017, we had established a partnership with the founder of Verdant Spirits, Andrew Mackenzie who helped bring our ideas to fruition. By introducing the Keiller brand to Heriot-Watt University’s botanical department, a brilliant and innovative collaboration was forged there and then.

After trialling seven iterations, the final sample was the most successful and distinct in flavour. The eclectic and inviting notes of juniper, infused with Seville orange that lingers on the tastebuds can be sourced in every bottle we produce.

Of course, Dundee is synonymous with its jute, jam and journalism trades. Distilled and bottled in-house, in Edward Street Mill, Dundee Dry Gin is certainly an exercise in continued tradition. The exterior is  carefully fashioned from white porcelain and branded with a design that is reminiscent of Keiller’s Marmalade, produced in the later part of the 18th century.

The striking simplicity of the two-tone bottle bears semblance to its iconic heritage; a family name once recognized all over the world. Our hand-crafted bottles also feature a wax-topping which begs for a savoured experience, while you cherish a replica of history. While the eye-catching black bottle embodies the sophistication and modernity of Scotland’s up-and-coming city.

Welcome to the James Keiller family.

dundee origin

Dundee has a plentiful industrial history which dates back to the 11th and 12th century. In fact, by the turn of the 14th century, this city had actually become one of Scotland’s most indispensable porting towns. So where does gin come into this? Well by the mid-1700’s, the gin craze first reached the UK. In recent years there has certainly been a resurgence in its popularity and we began seeking insight into this booming commodity. Established in 1981, James Keiller Estates have become a prolific figure in Dundee’s industrial economy. Rooted in tradition, we have concocted a drink that reflects the notable history this Scottish city has provided.


Our inspiration is drawn directly from the legacy and name associated with the James Keiller family and in particular, Janet Keiller. It was said that in the late 1700’s a Spanish merchant ship carrying goods made its way to Dundee after experiencing trouble in the water. It was then that Janet Keiller purchased a cargo of Seville oranges on board. Knowing this abundance of fruit would expire soon, she seized the opportunity to concoct an orange preserve. Over two hundred years later, Keiller’s recipe is still recognised and adored the world over. With a taste of Dundee’s legacy in every bottle, this gin is most definitely ‘infused with tradition’.


The distillation and bottling process takes place in Dundee. Produced in-house by Verdant Spirits, winner of Scotland’s 2017 Gin of the Year award. This product is hand-blended in Edward Mill who produce two bespoke gins: Verdant Dry Gin and our very own James Keiller Estates Dundee Dry Gin. Distilled in smaller batches, each bottle is encased in stone, so even in hot temperatures, your drink will stay cool. Purchase our craft gin in the white or black 50cl bottle or why not try our 5cl miniature? A perfect gift!


In recent years, Dundee has gone through a drastic transformation. After the wealth brought about from the industrial climate of the 18th and 19th century, over the past decade, it has undoubtedly established itself as an up-and-coming city. James Keiller Estates’ Dundee Dry Gin is an undeniable cultural amalgamation. Blending together the history of Dundee with a bespoke product that captures the hearts of a new generation of gin enthusiasts.

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